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StairSupplies TM is frequently recommended by home builders, architects, and interior designers to revamp the appearance of the stairs. Our team will be there every step of the way to give assistance in designing your stairs, choosing the perfect wood species for your stairway, and to help you to layout your iron balusters.

A well-designed stairway can transport a contemporary living room back to the Victorian era or create a warm welcome at the entryway. So, as you focus on the functional parts, do not forget the d├ęcor and aesthetics. We have a few stairway design ideas to make your boring stairway come to life.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Interior Stairs? By Lorna Hordos edginess, think of the stairs as a blank canvas. Paint the treads and risers a fitting base color after planning stairway artwork that fits your style. Set your inner artist free on just the risers, stenciling or painting

The term "stairwell reentry" refers to the code requirements which allow a building occupant to leave a stairwell during a fire emergency, and find another exit. If stairwell doors do not allow for reentry and a stairwell becomes impassible, it can jeopardize the lives of those using the stairwell as a means of egress.

To open up the stairwell of this charming 1950s fishing shack, the owners covered the ceiling and replaced the outer walls with a screen of birch tree trunks, which were dried in a kiln for five weeks to prevent shrinkage.

INTERIOR STAIRWAYS. The staircase is often the centerpiece of the home. The finest piece of furniture, and one that is a permanent, integral part of the space. It helps to set the tone of a homes interior from the moment someone steps through the entry. There is something captivating about the